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Neurological Physiotherapy by Shona Manson, BSc (Hons), Member of Chartered Society of Physiotherapists, Health and Care Professions Council registered, member of ACPIN and ACPVIR based in the Clyde Valley and covering South Lanarkshire.

What is a Neurological Physiotherapy ?

Neurological Physiotherapy is the examination and treatment of movement disorders caused by disease or injury affecting the central nervous systems including the brain, spinal cord and nerves. There are many conditions that fall into this category including Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Motor Neurone Disease (MND), Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease (PD) etc. These conditions can be progressive in nature like MND and PD or have potential recovery as seen after a stroke or relapse in MS. These conditions can lead to wide and varying symptoms that Physiotherapy can help assist to ease and alleviate when possible.

How Rehabilitation Works

Shona has worked within neurology since 2008 and prides herself on gaining and maintaining the most available movement and function as possible for clients who live with a neurological disorder. Community Neurological Rehabilitation means that clients are visited in their own home environment and after comprehensive screening process options will be discussed with the client and family. An action plan to best optimise that clients current and potential function will be discussed and initiated. This plan will be a shared plan with goals set to help and engage the client and family throughout the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation can be a lengthy process due to the way brain heals especially after an injury like a stroke and often requires consistent input not only from therapist for a period of time but from the client in between sessions and the family supporting where possible. Often the NHS will support initial discharge from hospital but can’t provide ongoing care after a certain timescale.

Private physiotherapy can fill this gap for ongoing input to allow the client to reach their fullest potential with rehab. It’s not an easy journey and it takes hard work and perseverance to gain the potential results available.

Rehabilitation can take several different forms but will usually be an exercise programme tailored to the clients needs and abilities with the use of therapy adjuncts when appropriate. These can include equipment that I may occasionally loan out or clients may self purchase like pedals, electric stimulators, lycra garments, exercise band and onward referrals for orthotics or wheelchair adaptions may be appropriate.

At times it wont be realistically possible to improve function but it may be possible to improve quality of life through sign posting to appropriate services and onward referrals. If therapy has limited potential this will be discussed transparently early on to avoid disappointment in the process.

My Background

Shona graduated as a Physiotherapist in 2004 and worked in the NHS for ten years. Whilst working in the NHS she rotated through many specialties including orthopaedics, pulmonary rehabilitation, ITU, medical, musculoskeletal but specializing in community neurological physiotherapy in 2009. After leaving the NHS in 2014 she has worked as a private neurological Physiotherapy within the Lanarkshire area ever since

“I’m very passionate about my job and supporting my clients to reaching the best outcome possible for them as an individual.”

Shona is Saebo trained in the use of their specialist hand rehab equipment and in the use of lycra garments. Many clients have benefited from the use of her electrical stimulation training and equipment. She has recently attended training on treating benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (short spell dizzy turns related to position).

She has an extensive knowledge of a wide range of splints, supports and orthoses available from numerous companies.

If you’re unsure if your needs can be covered please get in touch.

Shona’s Ethos

Shona enjoys the challenges and complexity that neurological conditions bring, not only from the physical presentation but also being able to provide support and facilitate someone to maximise their function and increase their quality of life.

I have always put the needs of my clients at the heart of therapy and strive to achieve the very best outcome for them whether that’s through exercise, hands on facilitation, sign posting to services or specialist equipment provision and support for this when required.

Clients are treated in an holistic way as the mind is as equally important as the body and as a physiotherapist and clinician. A very real impact can be made on lots of the different aspects that make life important. 


Happy to work with anyone aged 16 years old and upwards. Having worked for many years with younger clients Shona has a great awareness of many of the unique challenges faced by younger clients living with neurological conditions.

 If you’re unsure if this type of Physiotherapy is suited to your current abilities please phone for a free discussion.


£60 for intial assessment which includes exercise programme provision and from £60 for an hour thereafter, travel fees maybe incurred depending on distance travelled.


Happy to cover Clydesdale area but please contact Shona if you live outwith this area and are unsure if your area is covered. 


Please contact Shona on the details below for more information or if you would like to discuss possible therapy options further. 


M: 07514516600